June 20, 2024


18:00 - 20:00


Tartu Elektriteater


Documentary: Long Distance Swimmer- Sara Mardini
Language: English, Estonian subtitles
Duration: 52 min long
Director: Charly Wai Feldman
Year: 2023
Producer(s): Antje Böhmert, Anna von Dziembowska, Daniel Druhora, Drake Burnette

👋🌍About the Documentary “Long Distance Swimmer- Sara Mardini”
Discover the powerful story of Sara, a former pro swimmer and refugee from war-torn Syria. Celebrated for her heroic act of towing a boat with 18 refugees to Greece, Sara and her sister Yusra became international symbols of courage. Yusra went on to become an Olympic swimmer, while Sara continued her mission, volunteering with a Greek NGO. Now, facing a 20-year prison sentence for her humanitarian efforts, Long Distance Swimmer explores Sara’s life in Berlin as she battles legal challenges and stands as a beacon for refugees against rising anti-immigration sentiments.

đŸŽ€ Live Discussion with Alaa, Ghieth and Gulistan from Syria

Following up the documentary screening, we will have the opportunity to hear from the experiences and stories of 3 Syrians who are currently living in Estonia: Alaa (BA in English Literature) and Gulistan (student from Tallinn ÕismĂ€e Gymnasium) two women with refugee status, and Ghieth, a student from Estonian University of Life Sciences. They will engage with the audience to answer questions and to share their views on the Syrian refugee crisis. The discussion will be in English and moderated by SĂŒmeyye Temirov (member of the organizing team of International Women’s Network in Estonia).
When asked why she would want to take part in this event, Alaa shared: “I feel sympathy for Sara and that we are in dire need of humanity at all times and places. I lived through the bad conditions of war, which summed up my fear of terrorists and ISIS, so when I escaped from them on the journey of death, which is the journey by sea, these saviors were the lifeline and new life for us and our children, so from my point of view, humanity is just a sublime spirit that transcends all systems, laws and policies”.

Join us in this enriching experience where we celebrate human resilience and build bridges of solidarity and communication within our community!

đŸ””18.00:18.05- Introduction of the evening
đŸ””18.05-19.00- Documentary screening (52 min)
đŸ””19.00-19:50- Live discussion with Alaa, Ghieth and Gulistan from Syria. Moderated by SĂŒmeyye Temirov (member of International Women’s Network in Estonia)

đŸŽŸïž*The event is free of charge*

đŸ€About the organizers:

This event is organized by International WomenÂŽs Network in Estonia (IWNE), co-organized by Mondo and Estonian Refugee Council, funded by UNHCR.

IWNE: NGO that focuses on supporting migrant women in Estonia. They strengthen women’s voices through community building events that include our 3 areas of impact: diversity & integration, elimination of GBV and women empowerment.

Mondo: Mondo is an Estonian organization aiming to reduce global inequality. Mondo operates in 12 countries abroad and in Estonia. Mondo focuses on education/health, livelihood, environmental and digital competence programmes in partner countries, and global education in Estonia.

Pagulasabi: Estonian Refugee Council provides support services to beneficiaries of international protection in Estonia and humanitarian aid to people who have fled their homes abroad. They are one of the main competence centers on forced migration and integration in Estonia.


Ülemaailmne pagulaspĂ€ev: Filmilinastus ja arutelu SĂŒĂŒriast pĂ€rit kĂŒlalistega.
Dokumentaalfilm: Long Distance Swimmer- Sara Mardini
Keel: Inglise keel , Eestikeelsed subtiitrid
Kestus: 52 min
ReĆŸissöör: Charly Wai Feldman
Aasta: 2023
Produtsendid: Antje Böhmert, Anna von Dziembowska, Daniel Druhora, Drake Burnette

👋🌍Dokumentaalfilm “Long Distance Swimmer- Sara Mardini”
Avastage endise profiujuja ja sĂ”jast rĂ€situd SĂŒĂŒria pĂ”geniku Sara vĂ”imas lugu! Sara ja tema Ă”de Yusra said rahvusvahelisteks julguse sĂŒmboliteks, sest nad sooritasid kangelasliku teo, aidates 18 pagulasega paadi Kreekasse. Yusrast sai hiljem olĂŒmpiaujula, samas kui Sara jĂ€tkas oma missiooni, töötades vabatahtlikuna Kreeka valitsusvĂ€lises organisatsioonis. NĂŒĂŒd, kui teda ootab 20-aastane vanglakaristus tema humanitaarsete jĂ”upingutuste eest, uurib film “Long Distance Swimmer” Sara elu Berliinis, kus ta vĂ”itleb juriidiliste vĂ€ljakutsetega. Ta on kui majakas, mis seisab immigratsioonivastaste meeleolude vastu ja on pagulastele suureks eeskujuks.

đŸŽ€ Arutelu Alaa, Ghiethi ja Gulistaniga SĂŒĂŒriast
PĂ€rast dokumentaalfilmi linastust on meil vĂ”imalus kuulata kolme praegu Eestis elava sĂŒĂŒrlase kogemusi ja lugusid: Alaa (bakalaureusekraad inglise kirjanduse erialal) ja Gulistan (Tallinna ÕismĂ€e GĂŒmnaasiumi Ă”pilane) ning Ghieth, Eesti MaaĂŒlikooli ĂŒliĂ”pilane. Nad vastavad publiku kĂŒsimustele ja jagavad oma seisukohti SĂŒĂŒria pagulaskriisi kohta. Arutelu modereerib SĂŒmeyye Temirov (Rahvusvahelise NaisvĂ”rgustiku korraldusmeeskonna liige Eestis).
KĂŒsimusele, miks ta soovib sellel ĂŒritusel osaleda, jagas Alaa jĂ€rgmist: “Tunnen filmi peategelasele Sarale kaasa. Vajame igal ajal ja igal pool hĂ€dasti inimlikkust. Ma elasin lĂ€bi halvad sĂ”jaolud, mis vĂ”ttis kokku minu hirmu terroristide ja ISISe ees, nii et kui ma pĂ”genesin nende eest surma teele, mis on meretee, olid need pÀÀstjad meie ja meie laste jaoks pÀÀsterĂ”ngas ja uus elu. Minu arvates ĂŒletab inimlikkus kĂ”ik sĂŒsteemid, seadused ja poliitikad”.
Liitu meiega,et tÀhistada inimlikku vastupanuvÔimet ja tugevust ning ehitada koos sildu ja kogukondadevahelist suhtlust.

đŸ””18.00:18.05- Sissejuhatus
đŸ””18.05-19.00- Dokumentaalfilmi linastus (52 min)
đŸ””19.00-19:50- Arutelu Alaa, Ghiethi ja Gulistaniga SĂŒĂŒriast. Modereerib SĂŒmeyye Temirov (Rahvusvahelise Naiste VĂ”rgustiku liige Eestis).

đŸŽŸïž*Üritus on tasuta*

Selle ĂŒrituse korraldavad koostöös Rahvusvaheline Naiste VĂ”rgustik Eestis (IWNE), MTÜ Mondo ja MTÜ Eesti Pagulasabi, ĂŒritust toetab UNHCR.

-IWNE: keskendub rĂ€ndetaustaga naiste toetamisele Eestis. Nad tugevdavad naiste hÀÀlt lĂ€bi kogukonnaĂŒrituste, mis hĂ”lmavad kolme valdkonda: mitmekesisus ja integratsioon, vĂ€givalla kaotamine ja naiste hÀÀle suurendamine.

-Mondo: Mondo on Eesti organisatsioon, mille eesmÀrk on vÀhendada globaalset ebavÔrdsust. Mondo tegutseb 12 vÀlisriigis ja Eestis. Mondo keskendub hariduse/tervise, elatusvahendite, keskkonna- ja digitaalpÀdevuse programmidele partnerriikides ning maailmaharidusele Eestis.

-Pagulasabi: Eesti Pagulasabi pakub tugiteenuseid rahvusvahelise kaitse saajatele Eestis ja humanitaarabi oma kodudest pĂ”genenud inimestele vĂ€ljaspool. Me oleme ĂŒks olulisematest kompetentsikeskustest rĂ€nde ja lĂ”imumise teemal.

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