Founding Mother

Dalisa Cisneros

Team Coordinator & Event Organizer

“What is for you, always finds you”

Superpowers: Networking, Community Building, Singing, Event Planning, Communicating, Transparency, Warm Hugs, Manifesting


Valentina Dal Lago

Institutional Fundraising & Knowledge management Specialist

“The only real prison is fear. The only real freedom is freedom from fear.”

Super powers: Creativity, Playing, Participation, Feminism, Empathy, Facilitation, Justice, Motivation, Shining, Fun

Sümeyye Temirov​

Social Media Specialist

“Knowledge ignites action, turning dreams into reality.”

Super powers: Design, Research, Advocacy, Equality, Justice, Compassion, Awareness, Sketching, Prose, Activism

Mana Taheri

Event Planner & Communication Specialist

“Cultivating a world where inclusivity blooms in harmony!”

Superpowers: Design, Playing, Community Engagement, Empathy, Psychology, Equal Rights, Advocacy, Motivation, Listening, Honesty

Alesia Ivankova

Volunteer & Marketing Advisor

“I am not my thoughts, I am the silence that observes everything.”

Superpowers: Empathy, Honesty, Community Engagement, Marketing Project Management